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Metallic square press-bent tiles created in a wide assortment of materials copper, brass, pre-varnished steel, stainless steel, natural aluminium, pre-varnished aluminium. The chromatic variety of the materials used and the wide range of metallic laminates allow you to obtain a pleasant result in any setting. The laying and setup, carried out in a single fastening for each element to the underlying structure, is fast and easy. Breda square tiles, complete with accessories, are the best technical and esthetic solution for your coverings. ADVANTAGES OF BREDA SQUARE TILES: the total weight is by far lower than regular coverings and there are no infiltration problems in the underlying structure – tightness to water and wind is guaranteed by the upper closed edges and the folded, not cut angles, usable both on mild and extreme slopes. They are available in different sizes, according to specific needs.